How long does the copyright protection last?

I know you would have been waiting for the answer to the question, how long does the copyright protection last?

Copyright protection lasts during the lifetime of the creator and an additional sixty years after his death. Duringthis time any unauthorized use, display, and publication of the work without permission of the creator is an infringement and gives right to legal action against the person.

So talking about rights, what really are the rights protected under the copyright law?

These rights are divided into two main sets of rights, economic and moral rights.

√ Economic rights include right to reproduce the work, right to communicate the work to the public, right to adapt and translate the work, right to claim damages upon infringement and more.

√ Social rights on the other hand includes right to prevent unauthorized alteration of the work, right to the paternity of the work and more.

So why should you copyright your work now? Or otherwise put, what are the advantages of copyright registration?

• Proof of ownership

Registration establishes a public record i.e. a prima facie evidence, which makes it simpler to claim authority over the work.

• Filing a copyright infringement suit

The copyright registration gives the legal right to the owner to file a suit in case of infringement or stop a possible infringement.

• Right to assign

Once you are a registered owner you can assign or license the copyright without worrying of being conned.

• Right to claim statutory damages

When the copyright is registered, the court gets the authority to award special damages, attorney fees and legal cost incurred in a successful infringement suit. And the owner does not need to prove the actual damage caused.

What are you waiting for? Register that book, movie, song, artwork now!

Next time, we shall be looking at the procedures and cost for copyright registration.

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