Procedure for Copyright Registration

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Copyright registration can be made online or offline.

For the online process, you will complete an online Form.

In the form you are expected to put in the applicant status, whether it’s the author or copyright owner. We have stated this in the earlier post. The application process also requires date of creation of the work, detail information of the applicant such as address, email, phone number etc.

Note also that the application, whether online or offline is accompanied by a copy of the work sought to be registered. The work forms part of the database of the Copyright Commission, as mandated under the Copyright Act, and upon request anytime, the certified true copy of it as evidence in proof of authorship, may be issued upon request by the copyright ownership and others as may be required from time to time.

During the application the applicant is required to make a declaration that the information submitted is true and correct. Where applicant submits false or incorrect information, or engages in any form of misrepresentation whatsoever, this may lead to cancellation of registration and revocation of certificate issued, in addition to any other legal proceedings, which might include trial in court. So you must submit accurate and correct information during the application.

Costs and payments.

The copyright registration attracts some fees.

This includes, copyright Registration Fee, Issuance of Certificate True Copy of Certificate, Issuance of Certificate True Copy of Form, Issuance of Certificate True Copy of Work and more. Processing Fee for Attorney services in case you engage an attorney and more. In total the cost should be in the range of N90,000 to N150,000 including the attorney fees. With us the price is definitely cheaper. Check our price to confirm.

What is the Processing Time

Note that applications for Copyright registration are processed within sixty (60) days of submission, subject to any delay that may arise.

Business Legal engages in Copyright Registration for our Clients. We can help you register your creative work.

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