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Copyright is an intellectual property right an author or creative person has for the works he made. It can be artistic work such as engravings, photography, paintings, craftsmanship, dramatic works, or literary works such as books, computer programmes, computer databases, or even musical works as as songs, song recordings, cinematograph films and more.

Now the question usually is, who owns the original authorship of the copyright, is it you or your employer? This is where need of a good IP lawyer comes in.

It is important you as a content creator enters into an agreement that protects your interest, because ownership of a creative work could vary, depending on the nature of agreements. It could be the content creator or his employer as the case might be, otherwise it could be the musician or the record label.

So the question is, how does this work?

For example:

If a magazine employs you to create content for them, the copyright of such a work will be with the proprietor of the magazine. This will be in relation to the publication or reproduction of that work. In all other aspects, the author is the copyright holder in absence of an agreement that says otherwise.

The government holds the copyright for any government work.

When a person works on a project for a public undertaking they will be the owner of the copyright unless there is an existing agreement that says otherwise.

A person engages a web developer or app programmer to develop an app for him, it is the owner of the app that owns the copyright and not the programmer.

So as you can see, the ownership of the copyright varies in situations.

The next question is,

For how long does the copyright remain valid?

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